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Playing with Our Own Strangers

Playing with Our Own Strangers

What are your deepest, wildest, darkest and hottest fantasies? What if you could experience that and bring it back into your daily life? What new things might you learn about yourself? What aspects of your personality might you be able to enhance? What other experiences would you have to draw on?

Role play is frequently used to spice up a scene or add variety, but its potential can be so much greater. It can have a deeply spiritual purpose. Used with intent, it can be the key to a past life, the doorway to a darker side of ourselves, or the path to exploring our fears. Making use of our own witness, we can get in touch with aspects of ourselves that have been beyond our reach or construct a microcosm to explore our creative ability to shape our own life experience. 

Come explore new ways to use an old tool. The class will include discussion, demo and, if time permits, practice. Be prepared for discussion of darker fantasies such as rape and death.


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