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Birth Plans, Death Plans, and Plans for Living

Birth Plans, Death Plans, and Plans for Living

As a doula (professional childbirth assistant) and childbirth educator, I help couples plan for childbirth. This involves a multi-page form with lots of choices and things to think about. After the couple has had time to review and think about it, I spend a couple hours helping them boil it down into a plan for their birth, including contingencies, emergencies and the unthinkable.
Birth is a huge step and well worth all the planning, but it is one or two days in a lifetime. Do we put anywhere near that kind of thought into what we want for our lives? And life is filled with birth and death: the birth or death of a relationship, a career, a family, a home, or maybe most importantly a dream. Can we plan for these things? Would a well thought out plan help us achieve more of what we desire or help us know when we have gone off-course?
Come explore with us how we find our own strengths and use them to build the bridge from our present state to the land of our dreams. Come with an open mind and a willingness to take a deep look at who you are and where you would like to go.

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