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Exploring Intuition

Exploring Intuition

Each of us is intuitive: we all have the ability to send and receive psychic information. Some of us believe, some of us know, and many of us deny, but all of us have the ability to use our intuition. In this participatory workshop, we’ll help participants reconnect to the intuitive part of themselves so they can access it by choice in their day-to-day lives. As a group, we’ll move through exercises designed to help you identify and fine-tune your psychic skills and make intuition a more conscious part of who you are.
This is a fun, noncompetitive workshop where you can relax and be open. We will start from exactly where you are and move forward from there.
Please bring a small personal object to use in one of the exercises. Our work will be most effective if you refrain from sharing with anyone about the object you select.
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