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Creating Relationship

Creating Relationship

For many of us our dreams include, if not feature, a wonderful relationship. So we begin to focus on who the other person is and how they make the relationship complete. The other person may be someone we are already in relationship with or someone we dream of meeting.
Dreams do come true, but they don’t just happen. Come travel with us down the path of exploring the relationship you have with yourself and creating the relationship of your dreams.
This is not a couples workshop, though it is appropriate for couples who would like to see their relationship become more than it currently is. This is not a singles workshop, though it is appropriate for singles who wish to create a deep and loving relationship for themselves. It is a workshop for anyone who seeks more from relationship, whether platonic or romantic, casual or life-long.
You need bring nothing more to class with you than an open mind and the desire to create better relationships for yourself with those in your world.
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