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Foot Worship

Foot Worship

The foot has always been an object of veneration, reverence and worship.  It has been described as an honored guest at the banquet of love.  But just what does it mean to worship the foot?  In this participation workshop we will do some hands on foot worship and discuss just what these terms mean and how they apply to both public and private acts of foot worship. 

So wear the sexist shoes you have and bring your partner and your favorite supplies.  Questions that will be addressed are: Do you have to be a fetishist to worship feet?  Who is the submissive in such a relationship?  What are the various methods that we use consciously or unconsciously to perform these acts of worship?  Topics will include some common themes such as attention to the foot and shoes and some lesser know areas such as the injured foot.  And then there are the rituals which define how we worship. 

Through out the workshop participants will practice as many of these rituals as they feel comfortable with and share any ideas and tips they have on the way they worship the foot.  Come and explore this fascinating world of D/s that presents itself to us in all aspects of our lives.

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