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Communicating the Male and Female Brain

Communicating the Male and Female Brain

Have you ever noticed that the stranger (same gender) that you meet on the train or bus really “gets” what you’re talking about, then you go home and try to have the same discussion with your soul-mate, and the connection just isn’t there? What is that all about?

Clear communication can keep the home fires burning softly and the smolder in your relationship, but more often than not, attempts at communication ignite explosions that make no sense to either of you.

Like it or not, men and women are wired differently, and that shows up big time in our attempts to communicate. And it seems the more we try to go to those deep intimate and spiritual levels, the more likely the communication is to explode in our face. In this workshop we will explore how and why this difference exists. More importantly, we’ll work with ways to explore and exploit this difference to bring that warm glow back into the relationship.

Bring your partner or come alone, but do bring an open mind, a willingness to hear things from a different perspective, and your own communication questions and foibles to share as part of your exploration.

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