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Sounding the Depths of Male Pleasure

Sounding the Depths of Male Pleasure

Have you heard of sounds? Have you seen them used? Have you wondered why anyone would want to do that? You’re certainly not alone and not the first to say, “Not me, not now, not ever.” That was Preston’s clear reaction, until he saw me use sounds on another willing volunteer who moaned in ecstasy at the edge of orgasm. One try and sounds went from “not me, not ever” to “I’ll gladly offer my penis for the fun and education of any young lady who would like to try sounds.”

Come see what all the fuss is about. After we talk about types of sounds and cleanliness and safety, we’ll focus on how and why. If you have sounds, clean them up and bring them with you. We will have enough sterilized sounds to demo on Preston, allow a few to practice on him, or provide for a few others to try them.

Class level:

  • Appropriate to all levels

Class format:

  • Lecture
  • Demo
  • Hands-on practice

Class requirements:

  • Nudity is required for hands-on participation, but participation is optional
  • A partner enhances hands-on participation, but is not required

Class objective:

  • Explore another way to play and make him feel really great
  • Open up sexual possibilities
  • Answer questions about a frequently misunderstood type of play
  • Have fun
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