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Massaging, Milking and Other Fun Things To Do With a Prostate

The prostate is an interesting item. Most men hate having their doctor check it, yet prostate milking is a favorite fantasy for many men. Obviously context has a lot to do with it, but is there something to the fantasy? Does it feel good to have your prostate touched, caressed, massaged and milked? Are there dangers? How does the giver know that he/she is in the right spot? Can this actually be used to enslave a man? How can we further enhance the experience?

In this hands-on class we’ll tackle these and other questions you may have. We’ll start with a look at male anatomy and a demo, including postures that work best. We’ll also demonstrate the use of sounds to make it easier to identify your location as you touch. Finally we’ll open the class up for guided exploration by participants, making ourselves available to answer questions and help verify what you are finding. If you have and use sounds, we recommend you bring them with you. Also bring your favorite lube and props. We’ll have gloves and some lube available for your use.

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