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Intimate Connection

Intimate Connection

An exploration of the nature of intimacy. Rediscovering old and venturing into new unexplored vistas that can take us into greater intimacy and deeper connection, not only with our partners but, more importantly, with ourselves.

What is intimacy and how does it come into play when you connect with another? Whether you just met or have been together for decades, there are always unexplored vistas that can take you into greater intimacy and deeper connection, not only with your partner but, more importantly, with yourself.

In this full day class we will explore the nature of intimacy on all levels including emotional, spiritual and physical. Beginning with a discussion of intimacy we will create sacred space and set the groundwork for the day with an emphasis on those areas that most resonate with the class participants. During the first two sessions we will alternate between sharing group learning and doing partnered exercises to delve more deeply into the intimacy that defines your relationship. We will use combinations of verbal, tactile and energetic connection to move into deeper intimacy with our partner. The final session will be a sacred exchange of energetic and sensual massage to ground the work we have done throughout the day and manifest it on the physical level.

Our intent for this workshop is guide each of us to tap into our own best thinking to access our deepest knowing about ourselves and bring that to another in a totally safe and non-judgmental space.

Our recommendation is that you come with a partner or partners with whom you can safely explore both your inner and outer landscape, allow them to explore theirs, and move together to share these sacred vistas with each other. Bring with you an open mind, a sincere desire to know yourself and your partner on a deeper, more intimate level, and a sense of adventure at the prospect that you may find new territories to explore or revisit terrain explored in the past that may have been forgotten during the process of day to day living. If you and/or your partner are so inclined, you might want to create your own “roadmap” for your journey. As with any trip, start with the definition of where you are now and where you might like to travel. Bring these ideas with you; then allow the journey to unfold with your intent as the “navigation system.” Otherwise, feel free to let your journey unfold on its own, trusting the Universe and your intent to guide you to paradise. If the journey intrigues you but you have no partner, you’re welcome to join us and trust the Universe to bring you the travel companions you need for this day.

On a more practical, physical level, dress comfortably and bring blankets, pillows, towels, or whatever props you may need to be comfortable for the day and to support you through the massage exchange. We will supply our favorite medium for the massage, but you are welcome to bring your own oils and powders if you prefer.

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