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Playing With Pussy

Men and women can be a lot like dogs and cats. Dick can rush right into your space and think nothing of it. He wants your attention and will make sure you know it. Touch him and he’ll beg for more. Stop and he’ll give you a nudge to get you going again. He has no qualms about going straight for the crotch. It’s his identity.

Kitty is an entirely different creature. She can brush against you so lightly that you barely know she’s there. She may give a little mew, maybe even rub against your leg and purr, but reach for her and she’s gone. She can turn shy in a moment and scamper out of reach. You can really only touch her if you approach gently – almost slip up on her. Coax her gently. Make her come to you.

Join us to explore ways to make her come to you and have her begging for more. At one of our recent workshops a participant said his reason for attending was that everywhere he goes Preston has ladies lining up to play with him. He finished with, “I want to know what Preston knows.” Bring your lady for this hand-on exploration of new ways to please her. You may want to bring you own favorite lube, toys, and other props for your comfort.

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