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Map Your Partner

Map Your Partner

How well do you know your partner? What would it do for your relationship if you knew the best way to get their attention, or to calm them when they are upset? What would it do for your intimacy if you knew exactly how and where to touch for an instant turn-on? What would it do for trust and connection if you knew how to help them melt into relaxation?

Using combinations of verbal, tactile and energetic connection we will begin the process of creating a map of your partner. We will alternate between sharing group learning and doing individual and/or partnered exercises to delve more deeply into the intimacy that defines your relationship. Our intent for this workshop is guide each of us to tap into our own best thinking to access our deepest knowing about ourselves and bring that to another in a totally safe and non-judgmental space.

You’ll leave the class with:
  • A map you have created uniquely for your partner
  • An understanding of how to continue the mapping process to further discover ways you can have deeper connection and influence with your partner
  • A clearer vision of how you can fulfill your partner’s needs and desires in ways they will most appreciate and respond to
  • The added bonus of a better understanding of how you can help your partner fulfill your needs and desires in ways that work best for you 
This is a perfect workshop to attend with your closest partner, but the exercises are structured to also support participants who attend without a partner.

For your comfort you may want to bring pillows and blankets for the physical mapping portions of the exercises.
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