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More Workshops on the Way!

More Workshops on the Way!

People keep asking when and where we are doing our next workshop.

Good News! We have a bunch of workshops scheduled. See the table below for details.

We are also going to start sponsoring our own workshops again...both in person and via webinars. If you're interested be sure to fill in our contact form so you get our notices of upcoming events.
Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

We will presenting at a number of events over the next few months and are planning even more. Be sure to fill out our contact form and keep an eye on this spot so you don't miss anything you've been waiting for.

Spiritual Sexual Intimacy Lotus Blooms  4/16/2017
Hand & Foot Massage THE Beltane  5/4/2017
Sensual Massage THE Beltane 5/5/2017
How to Train Your Emotional Dragon  THE Beltane 5/5/2017
Keeping the Flame Alive in LTR THE Beltane  5/6/2017
Electric Play Camp Crucible  5/23-31/2017
Live Your Fantasy Camp Crucible  5/23-31/2017
Pamper and Play with Cupping Camp Crucible  5/23-31/2017

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