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How to Train your Emotional Dragon

How to Train your Emotional Dragon

Do you ever feel like you are in a battle with your emotions? 
Do they swoop in like an attacking dragon and upend your world?
Do you sometimes feel like you’re not good enough? 
Do you worry that you are disappointing someone you care about? 
Do you feel like life is always a few steps ahead of you and you can’t catch up?
Do you get discouraged because you thought you’d be so much further by this stage in your life?
Does it feel like just when you succeed in one area something else knocks you back down?
What holds you back from being everything you could be? Fears? 
What would make you really happy? What would need to happen for you to feel really good? 
What if you could make friends with your emotions? What if you knew where they came from and could make them you

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