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Romancing the Crone

Romancing the Crone

Who is the crone? She has variously been defined as everything from the hag to the wise one. 
The hag is the old woman who is disagreeable, miserable and sinister. She uses her magic selfishly and for her own ends. She is to be feared and avoided. Thus she is isolated and lonely.  The curses from her shriveled old lips are dreaded.
The crone as wise one has gathered her experiences to learn from them. The same experiences that created the disagreeable old hag created the wise old crone. She uses her magic for the good of the tribe. Her words, whether gentle or strong, are always intended only to move the listener closer to their own truth. While the hag is feared and isolated, the crone is sought out for her tender wisdom and guidance. The blessing from her wizened lips is cherished. 
We have the power to create the crone of our choosing…to romance her and bring her into reality. 
This workshop brings together mythology, mystery and scientific fact to help us understand the changes associated with movement from virgin to maiden to mother to crone. Where ever you are on the path from virgin to crone, understanding the journey can make it smoother and less intimidating. But this is not a woman’s only workshop. This is a time for the consorts on our path to join us, to understand our journey, to romance us as we learn to romance ourselves, to help shape us into the wise and wonderful crone, the mother to all. Come share in our journey.

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