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CBT - Fun and Evil Ways to Give Penile Pleasure

CBT - Fun and Evil Ways to Give Penile Pleasure

In this interactive class we will explore a wide range of ways you can thrill or torment your penile based friends. From the tender and sensual to the far more edgy, we’ll talk about what is and is not safe and how to play safely. But we’ll go way beyond talk. We’ll also demonstrate and provide time for audience participation.

We’ll borrow a wide range of fun activities from our upcoming book, 101 Things To Do With a Limp Dick, but we’ll go beyond the book all the way to sounds and needle play.

If this sounds a little too scary for your participation, feel free to come learn and watch the demos. Participation is totally optional. We’ll also start with the sensual and gently escalate to the more intense, ending with the two activities considered most edgy: penile sounds and needle play. Feel free to attend as much of the class as interests you and to slip out when we reach your limits.

If you have favorite CBT activities you’d like to discuss, we’d love to hear about them in advance so we can investigate any precautions we should discuss. Whether or not you submit ahead of time, we will be happy to share as much as we can about them.

If you have your own penile sounds, please clean them and bring them with you if you’d like to have us help you try them.

Class level:

  • Appropriate to all levels

Class format:

  • Lecture
  • Demo
  • Hands-on practice

Class requirements:

  • Nudity is required for hands-on participation, but participation is optional
  • A partner enhances hands-on participation, but is not required

Class objective:

  • Explore another way to play and make him feel really great
  • Open up sexual possibilities
  • Answer questions about a frequently misunderstood type of play
  • Have fun
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